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Here I Am …

So here I am! A Musical Theatre emerging artist. Whatever that means… emerging? It seems to relate to those who are young, fresh out of school and with little experience. Which I am not. Well I’m not that old lol, but I am older, long past fresh out of school, but I do have some experience. So it’s hard to classify whether I am emerging or not.  I must be because I haven’t had a lot of professional exposure, but I treat my craft professionally and I have been around a while so I how can I STILL be emerging???  (more on that topic later).

Any who….. I started to think about where I am, and the life experiences I have had and my journey of starting a professional Theatre career as I approached the age of 30.  I have A LOT to share. If you want to follow my blogs I’ll talk about my personal experiences and lessons I have learned throughout my life as they relate to following your dreams and staying inspired, auditioning, and balancing family with a theatre career. Perhaps my battles, my losses and my wins will relate to you and inspire that fire inside that tells you to keep pursuing your dreams. It is very easy to become distraught in this business and want to give up. but if you keep fighting YOU WILL eventually win.

I know my own dream has been a long time coming, but through all my obstacles I have kept working towards that goal and I have never given up. It’s paying off (even though it may not be as fast as I want it to) but the doors are finally opening.
So that’s it in a nutshell. Follow my journeys if you like, I won’t mind the company.

Listen to HERE I AM – sung by Kristi Woods

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