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Love What You Do!

Today was my first dance class in over a year (since having my baby), and it was with the AMAZING David Connolly at Metro Movement.  I have taken a few voice and dance classes with him in the past and every time he proves to be one of my biggest inspirations.   He reminds us that to be able to sing or in this case dance is a privilege.  Every day we are physically able to perform is a gift and that the true joy that comes out in performance comes from loving what you do.

I walked into class wondering whether I could even dance being away for so long.  Wondering whether I have the stamina to keep up or the brain power to pick up choreography.  And of course wondering if I was going to be too hard on myself if I couldn’t do everything I could do a year ago.  But David comes to the rescue reminding us that its a blessing for us to be in the room and that all we need to do is be present where we are at that moment in time.  And instead of being judgemental to think about what positive things you accomplished whether big or small and what we have seen in others that we would like to take away with us as inspiration.

I may not have perfect technique, and I may not be where I was a year ago, but leaving that class I felt elevated, inspired, thankful that I could still pick up choreography, grateful to still have the movement in my body, and the best part is that I loved every minute of it.  We have all been to classes where we feel the pressure to be “perfect”, or where we feel the judging eyes circling and you are constantly worried about how you look to others.  I love the fact that this is never the case with Davids classes.  It it because he loves what he does that he brings you in with open arms, an open heart, an open mind, and offers only a positive and encouraging experience.  That is why when he teaches he is so inspiring.  You leave loving yourself a bit more, loving what you can do, and feeling like anything is possible.   If ever I get a doubt in my mind about my abilities he is always able to remind me why I must be a performer, why I must keep working, why I must keep training and why I must keep giving this gift I have a privilege to have,  I Love What I Do.



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