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The future is bright for Canadian Musical Theatre

I had the pleasure of attending “Breaking Into Song : The Music of Scott Christian, Colleen & Akiva, and Kevin Wong.”  It was an evening to showcase the wonderful talents of these Musical Theatre writers/composers.  I sat there listening to my talented friends, to their joyous, thought provoking, funny, witty, and moving music.   I was so inspired.  I couldn’t help but be reassured that the Canadian Musical Theatre scene is still thriving.    This community needs more opportunities for composers and writers to showcase their work, and for the abundance of talented artists to get to create and develop this work.   The house was packed, so we know that there is a huge need/want for more Canadian Musical Theatre.  I’m so glad this group of people decided to start doing something about it.

Scott Christian has composed the musicals “A Misfortune” at the Next Stage Festival,  “Hero & Leander” at Summerworks and a concert version of “Through The Gates” with Theatre20.  He is also a very talented musical director.  Colleen Dauncey and Akiva Romer-Segal wrote “Bremen Rock City” a huge hit at the Fringe Festival, and are workshopping “Prom Queen the Musical” at Sheridan College.  Kevin Wong recently changed careers to make music (and thank goodness he did), he premiered his song cycle “Recurring John” at Summerworks.    If you aren’t familiar with their work check out the links below, because these names are going to be around for a long time.  Amazing work is going to be born from these artists.  The future is bright for Canadian Musical Theatre.






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