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You Are Enough!

Over the past few years I have really wanted to get into doing animation voiceover work, but it wasn’t until this year that I decided to finally do it.   Since I have a 1 year old at home we have spent quite a bit of time watching treehouse, and the more I watched the more I thought, “man I could really do this.”  So I jumped on it and before I knew it I met with the amazing Melissa Altro and we recorded my demo.


I highly suggest that if you are looking into this sort of thing to check her out. (www.voiceprostudio.ca)  She knows what she is doing, and she is super sweet too!


Here is what we came up with!!!!!!


While working on my characters I really wasn’t sure where to start, I had so many ideas and didn’t know which ones were the ones I should focus on.  I didn’t want to just copy the characters I have been listening to on TV, but I wasn’t sure how to develop my own, or if they sounded too silly etc..   The inspiration for my characters ended up coming from my 1 year old.  During the day I would spend a lot of time narrating everything I did for my toddler, so I decided to start trying out voices.  I noticed that when I was just being true to my voice and my abilities my toddler would stop in his tracks and listen, or laugh.   He really inspired me to pay attention to who I really am and not get caught up in trying to be something I wasn’t.     And lets face it, if you want an honest opinion on anything, ask a child.  LOL

So the lesson I have reminded myself of during this process is to just be you.  You are enough.  (We sometimes need to be reminded of this.)  The minute we try to be someone else, thats when we are no longer interesting.   Being ourselves is the best asset we have.  So I say to all of you reading…YOU are enough!




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